Opponent Imports

Feel free to download these files and then copy and paste their text these into a custom meta to quickly import opponents. Note that these files may not be perfectly up-to-date with the standard metas in the app, although they are intended to be the same. For more accurate results, I recommend logging opponents youContinue reading “Opponent Imports”

About Custom Metas

Custom Metas are PVP IV’s most powerful feature, allowing you to personalize Rankings, 1 vs All Battles, Team Battles, and Comparison Battles based on the Pokemon you have available to you and the opponents you face. This feature is only available in the PVP IV iOS app, which can be downloaded on the App Store.Continue reading “About Custom Metas”

About Team Battles

PVP IV team battles (aka “PVP IV team builder”) is a tool to help you build strong teams. Choose a league then enter up to three Pokemon to identify which Pokemon they do well against, which Pokemon are threats, and which Pokemon might also pair well with them. This article goes into detail about theContinue reading “About Team Battles”

PVP Impact of the September & October Community Day Options

This article analyzes the community day options for September and October 2020: Charizard, Porygon-Z, Muk, and Butterfree. It lists out every matchup improved or worsened by the possible move changes in each relevant league. The focus is mostly on Charizard, since that’s who stands to benefit most. Here’s a tl;dr: Charizard with Dragon Breath wouldContinue reading “PVP Impact of the September & October Community Day Options”


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