Two Year Birthday Update For PVP IV

It’s been a bit over two years since I published PVP IV during covid. A few important things have stayed the same since I published the one year birthday update last year. PVP IV still has thousands of users and over 60 Pro subscribers. These numbers are actually down a bit from last year, whichContinue reading “Two Year Birthday Update For PVP IV”

A First Look at Level 50: The Pokemon That Benefit Most

Today, it was announced that the level cap for Pokemon will be increasing to 50 (51 with Best Buddy boost). This article looks at which Pokemon are likely to be most heavily impacted by these changes. I obtained this information by doing Comparison Battles in the PVP IV iOS app with the projected CPM valuesContinue reading “A First Look at Level 50: The Pokemon That Benefit Most”

Aeroblast Lugia in Master League: A First Look

Soon, Lugia will get its signature move Aeroblast, which boasts an eye-popping 180 base power, and a similarly massive 75 energy cost. To keep this analysis simple, I ignored the 12.5% chance of raising Lugia’s attack by 2 stages. In summary, Aeroblast is basically a strict improvement as a secondary move over Hydro Pump (withContinue reading “Aeroblast Lugia in Master League: A First Look”

Great League Meta – Season 4

The above chart contains aggregate data representing 5797 Pokemon from thousands of battles logged with PVP IV custom metas. While this chart is a great way to get a high-level overview of the overall meta, your local meta may vary significantly based on factors such as MMR and time of day played. You can getContinue reading “Great League Meta – Season 4”

PVP Impact of the September & October Community Day Options

This article analyzes the community day options for September and October 2020: Charizard, Porygon-Z, Muk, and Butterfree. It lists out every matchup improved or worsened by the possible move changes in each relevant league. The focus is mostly on Charizard, since that’s who stands to benefit most. Here’s a tl;dr: Charizard with Dragon Breath wouldContinue reading “PVP Impact of the September & October Community Day Options”