Two Year Birthday Update For PVP IV

It’s been a bit over two years since I published PVP IV during covid. A few important things have stayed the same since I published the one year birthday update last year. PVP IV still has thousands of users and over 60 Pro subscribers. These numbers are actually down a bit from last year, which is probably due to a combination of me promoting the app less and perhaps the popularity of Pokemon Go decreasing a bit after a series of unpopular updates. Hopefully the next year will be stronger. We also had to shut down the Android app due to issues with the Google Play review process, although that was never as popular as iOS.

Regardless, there are still more than enough users to motivate me to keep the app up to date. I’m especially thankful for the small group of users who have reached out to me via email to report bugs, request new features, or just say they like the app. To show my appreciation, I made it my goal to implement every feature that was requested by users for the two year birthday update. I’m happy to say that I think I succeeded. I recently published this update, which changes including:

  • A redesigned modern UI
  • A failed bait case in the battle simulator
  • A search function in team battles, comparison battles, and custom metas
  • Save one team per league in the team builder
  • Clear and re-order teams in the team builder with drag and drop
  • Import favorited Pokemon into a custom meta
  • Import and export favorited Pokemon
  • Search by shadow, legendary, or mythical
  • More options for nicknames in the IV Ranker
  • Fixed a few issues reported in the battle simulator
  • Customize the max level of the opponents in opponent settings
  • More easily import opponents into custom metas

Although implementing all these user-requested features meant that I didn’t get to any of the big features I wanted to implement like a more detailed IV Ranker, a Pokedex/moves dex, deep linking, iCloud sync, and maybe even a battle game, I hope to get to some of those this year. I don’t play Go Battle League as much anymore, but I’m still around working on PVP IV, so feel free to reach out to me via the contact form in the app if you have any questions or suggestions.

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