One Year Birthday Update for PVP IV

I’ve been less active in the Pokemon Go community lately in order to focus on other projects (if you’d like to check them out, I made a shopping list app for iOS and a block puzzle game for iOS) as well as my day job. So I thought I’d give an update on the one year birthday of PVP IV so that everyone knows I’m still around.

I used to be one of the top ranked players in Pokemon Go, finishing on the leaderboards every season and even ranking top 5 in the world one season. In fact, I was one of the five most consistent players from Season 1 to Season 6 (proof), thanks in no small part to my heavy usage of PVP IV. But since Season 6, I’ve been playing less and am adjusting my goal to simply make Rank 24 every season instead of trying to be highly ranked on the leaderboards. I’m also focusing mostly on Great League, and often skipping the Ultra League metas altogether. Playing competitively takes a lot of time, and having already had a lot of successful seasons, my drive to continue doing so is a lot lower than it was in the early seasons. The XL changes didn’t help either.

But PVP IV is another story. I remain humbled that thousands of players use PVP IV every month to check IVs, track their local metas with custom metas, and view rankings and battle simulations. PVP IV remains the most accurate battle simulator available, with the difference only becoming more noticeable as high-skill moves like Feather Dance, Flame Charge, and Brave Bird become more common. And the Custom Metas are a unique feature that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Over 80 people subscribe to PVP IV Pro, with most of them doing so for the custom metas.

As long as this active user base/subscriber base remains, I remain committed to developing PVP IV. At a minimum, I’ll always prioritize getting updates out that keep the moves, movepools, and rankings up-to-date based on the latest Game Master. In order to let the app work offline, I include the Game Master in the app’s bundle (meaning that it’s downloaded to your phone when you download/update the app). This means that I push updates a bit slower and less frequently than other sites like pvpoke, since any update needs to be rebuilt and then approved by Apple, a process which can take a few days. I also need to manually update the rankings for each update, which takes a bit of time. I wish these delays were more avoidable, but I think it’s worth it to make the app work offline and be more responsive. Just know that the delays don’t come from a lack of commitment to the app.

I also have a list of features that I’d like to support when I can find the time to do so. I’ll probably develop these features slowly over the next couple years, since each feature takes time to build and test, and because each feature also represents a new opportunity to promote the app to new players/users (meaning it’s easier to promote the app if I develop new features more slowly). Here are some of them:

  • Improve the IV Analyzer by letting it check all leagues and lines of evolution simultaneously
  • Allow importing screenshots/videos to check IVs instead of entering them manually
  • Provide better/more consistent support for sub-metas like Kanto Cup and Retro Cup since these have become more common with each passing season
  • Support iCloud sync for custom metas
  • Support linking to screens in the app with a web URL
  • Add a “moves dex” with info about each move
  • Add more tutorials/demo videos to make the more complex features in the app more accessible

Note that most of these features are only planned for iOS, which has the most devoted user base. There aren’t any current plans to make a web app or add new features to the Android app. I’ll continue keeping the Android app up-to-date with the latest game master changes though.

If you have any additional suggestions or comments, you can always contact me. The best place to get frequent updates on PVP IV is on the App Store, since I’ll include any recent changes in the release notes for each new version. You can also subscribe to this blog or follow me on Twitter (@kennanmell) but I likely won’t update either of those places as frequently. As always, thanks for your support!


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