Great League Meta – Season 4

The above chart contains aggregate data representing 5797 Pokemon from thousands of battles logged with PVP IV custom metas. While this chart is a great way to get a high-level overview of the overall meta, your local meta may vary significantly based on factors such as MMR and time of day played. You can get a similar snapshot of your local meta (and contribute to this data set) by logging your own battles in a custom meta in the PVP IV iOS app! Learn how with this article.

Here is a text summary with my takeaways:

  • Unsurprisingly, Azumarill is by far the most common Pokemon, representing 13.2% of all Pokemon. This means it’s on about 40% of teams.
  • Stunfisk Galarian (8.5%) and Skarmory (6.5%) make up the next tier in terms of popularity.
  • Marowak Alolan (4.1%) saw major gains this season, ranking as the 4th most popular Pokemon. This makes sense because it has winnable matchups against all of the other Pokemon listed here except Azumarill and Altaria, and even they don’t want to get hit with a Shadow Ball.
  • Beyond that, there’s a healthy number of other Tier 2 Pokemon ranging from Deoxys Defense (3.9%) to Victreebel (2.8%), as well as quite a few not included in the chart such as Umbreon, Swampert, Shiftry, and Hypno.
  • The dreaded Bastiodon + Victreebel combo barely makes the top 10 but is still nowhere near the popularity of Azumarill or other top options.
  • The sub-tier-2 (“Other”) Pokemon make up an incredible 51.3% of the meta. Great League remains incredibly diverse, and you never know for sure what you might face!
  • I noticed (based on my experience and in the data) that the meta was very unstable for the first week of great league. The above data is only for the second week.

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