iOS Version 3.3 Release Notes

iOS Version 3.3 is an incremental update with a couple small new features and quality-of-life changes that will pave the way for more exciting changes in future updates.

  • The ranking algorithm was modified to weigh all even shielding scenarios equally. This simplifies the algorithm, makes it less arbitrary, and will make it easier to add a team builder in the future.
  • Random effect behavior, initial attack modifier, and initial defense modifier are now configurable.
  • It’s now possible to favorite Shadow Pokemon.
  • It’s now possible to share 1 vs 1, 1 vs All, and Compare battles as text, rather than images.
  • The favorite battles feature was removed. This simplifies long-term maintenance by removing a complex but infrequently used feature. Instead of this feature, I recommend favoriting the Pokemon in the battle then loading them via the star (“from favorites”) button in the Pokemon selection row (introduced in Version 3.2). In the future, linking to a battle will also be supported, which will make it easier to save favorites externally.
  • The Battle tab and help articles for it were cleaned up, removing “Info” buttons in favor of “Learn More” buttons on the empty state screens (with the exception of the Rankings tab, which doesn’t have an empty state).
  • Bug fixes, including removing the no-longer-maintained “safe baits” tag.

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