iOS Version 3.2 Release Notes

Improvements to Favorites

PVP IV Version 3.2 (iOS) adds a “from favorites” button on 1 vs All, 1 vs 1, and Compare battles that allows you to load a Pokemon from favorites rather than entering all the details of the Pokemon each time you want to battle with it. To make this easier, it’s also now possible to set custom movesets on your favorites.

Condensed Rankings

Given the new capability for custom rankings in 1 vs All battles (introduced in 3.1), this update also significantly trims down the metas for each format. It removes the Catacomb format entirely, and also removes many redundant movesets and forms from the remaining Leagues and Cups. In particular, many shadow forms were removed from the rankings. This is because the main reason many people use PVP IV is for the IV Ranker feature, and having a smaller meta allows the Better/Worse counts to compute faster. Rankings and comparisons for shadow Pokemon aren’t particularly meaningful anyway because shadows are so rare that virtually nobody is actually playing with their Rank 1 IVs.

If you want to see how a specific shadow (or any other Pokemon not in the rankings) would do in the rankings, you can find out by doing a 1 vs All battle with that Pokemon. The updated rankings are already available on, and will be available in the app once the update rolls out.

Updated Random Effect Behavior

The behavior for random effects of moves was changed from multiplying the effect of the move by its probability to simply never using the effect. This is a reflection of the current state of the game, where most moves with random effects (e.g. Moonblast, Energy Ball, Ancient Power, Ominous Wind) have a very low chance of activation, to the point where it feels more realistic to ignore that chance entirely. In the long term, I’d like to make this customizable so that you can choose whether to always activate the effect, never activate it, or activate it randomly.


Minor bug fixes and performance improvements. 1 vs All battles should run a bit faster, and results in 1 vs 1 battles should now be accurate for Pokemon with only one charge move.

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